The enviroIndex™ system uses performcance indicators that benchmark through numeric ratings, economic, environmental and social performance.

enviroIndex™ performance indicators use information that can be collected from internal business records and inputted online without specialist knowledge or high costs.

The outcomes are ratings that provide an organization, and its stakeholders, clients and customers, with a clear indication of the level of achievement in operating sustainably. They help highlight where improvements have been made, or need to be made, to futrther enhance long-term sustainability and the bottom line

The interactive online enviroIndex™ system is used by education, government, health services, manufacturing, retail and travel and tourism organizations. These organizations can benefit from using the system individully, or as a member of a Partner's Program.



The enviroIndex™ system is an onine sustainability performance benchmarking and rating tool that takes into account the inter-dependence of economic, social and environmental indicators.

The system uses two types of indicators: Measures and Inventories, that all uniquely rate performance on a scale from 1 to 10.

Measures: rate the impact of an organization's current standing in its consumption of energy and water, and production of waste.

Inventories: use nine catagories to rate how well an organization is set-up and run for long-term sustainability. Each catagory cosnsists of inventories of five relevant key actions and/or facilities that are assessed.

All the individual indicator ratings are then combined into a single overall enviroIndex™ rating, which is a straightforward to understand and powerful means by which to describe the organization's overall performance.


STEP 1: Register

Login with the temporary Username and Password supplied by our partner. Then fill in the online enviroIndex Registration Form, including setting your own Password. When the enviroIndex Registration Form is complete, submit it to receive your own unique Username.

STEP 2: Rate

Login at any time with your unique Username and Password. At your own pace then use the online Sustainability Rating Form and supporting tools to help you assess and input information on key Measures and Indicators (you can save a partially filled-in form and go back to it later).

STEP 3: Report

Once you have completed the online Sustaianbility Rating Form it can be submitted. You will then receive an email that contains your operation's individual enviroIndex Sustainability Report.