What it is

The enviroIndex™ is a core tool for online sustainability benchmarking that takes into account the inter-dependence of three environments: economic - natural - social.

The online enviroIndex™ system has been designed to be used by all sizes and types of businesses and organizations in administration, education, health services, manufacturing, retail, and travel and tourism.

It can be used either by businesses or organizations directly, or as an integrated part of a Partner's Program.

Why benchmark and rate performance

Regular use of performance benchmarking by the enviroIndex™ system provides clear indices that track and highlight where any improvements have been made, or need to be made, that enhance long-term sustainability and the bottom line.

The enviroIndex™ benchmarks

To allow a business or organization to rapidly obtain a realistic, independent picture of its current standing, the enviroIndex™ Sustainability Rating System uses two types of benchmarks: Measures and Inventories. They are uniquely combined into indices that rate on a numerical scale the relative performance of key economic, environmental and social performance indicators.

Measures: used to rate the impact of a business or organization's current standing in its consumption of resources through Measures of energy and water consumption, and production of waste.

Inventories: used to rate how well a business or organization is set-up and run in order to ensure long-term sustainability.

This is done by using Inventories of actions and facilities related to communication, energy saving, water saving, waste reduction, local involvement, purchasing, transportation, the natural environment, and the built environment.